Monday, March 18, 2002

A Reuters opinion piece details the seemingly inevitable cancelation of POLITICALLY INCORRECT. Maher can be an ass, but he has balls...the article makes a great point that there isn't any other television like this: precious little mixes comedy and commentary, a combination close to my heart.

I'm sad because I was hoping that one day I'd get to be a guest on the show, where my raison d'etre would be to act like a flaming liberal for the first third of the show, then become an ardent conservative for the next third, and in the final portion have an on-screen conversion to radical libertarianism. Usually people on P.I. never change their opinions one iota from start to finish, which isn't surprising as it is all of 22 minutes long.

Ah, well. It looks like a reprieve is unlikely, and it was never my favorite show, but I doubt we need the talk show which will doubtlessly replace it.