Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Outside it is a gorgeous spring day in New York City, the likes of which happen for just a few weeks of the year--my neighborhood is blasted with trees blossoming everywhere, and the streets and parks are filled up with people sloughing off their winters and embracing one of the best season's the city has to offer.

Our backyard, taken via phone camera.

Most mercifully I am finally getting over being sick, which is always such a revelation--few things feel better than the first days of wellness after illness, when the discovery that your body can actually function again is so real you can taste it. It's like a second youth, spared all the dreadful elements of being so deeply unwise.

Monday's ALL STORIES ARE FICTION was the strongest of this run, in my opinion--thanks to everyone who came out for it. The laboratory of ASAF has been working well this spring--even when the shows don't work on every level, each episode has really come alive in ways I didn't expect--lots of new paths toward storytelling, new discoveries made in the moment of performance, and that's the real heart of the process for us.

The summer tour starts in less than a month, so I'm trying to soak in as much New York City as possible before I have to leave.