Sunday, May 17, 2009

I just received spam from a CNN-subsidiary who programs their in-flight news. I've always wondered how the material I get tortured with when I fly American Airlines gets chosen--apparently they just randomly spam people who have what appear to be tech-oriented sites with sufficient traffic.

I particularly like the part about "captive audience", which they've extended to include the folks they spam as well. I also love that they pretend that it is an invitation to appear on CNN, when it is really an invitation to advertise.

From: Tricia Chu
Subject: Invitation to Appear on the CNN Airport Network and Sky Radio
Date: May 17, 2009 9:38:33 AM EDT
To: Mike Daisey

I hope this finds you well.

Great news! Sky Radio and Video Network, the largest producer of
in-flight entertainment in the country, is pleased to announce an
exciting new partnership with CNN Airport Network.

For the month of Septemeber 2009 we will be producing our Best of Breed:
Industry Innovators, which will be broadcast exclusively throughout the
CNN Airport Network and on the American Airlines "Business and
Technology Report" In-Flight Radio Channel. This program will focus on professional
associations, societies and foundations who provide untold benefits to
their members and the economy at large.

We invite you to participate and share your story with our captive
audience of millions of executive business travelers--decision makers,
early adopters, and influencers with a high household income. Our
production team will produce a one-on-one radio interview to air on
American Airlines and the content will be extended in a video commercial
to air on the CNN Airport Network.

CNN's Airport network has a total audience of nearly 16 million viewers
per month with an average household income of $104,157. Our video
programs play at 44 of the busiest airports and over 2,000 of the
busiest gates in the United States during the CNN broadcast. To view a
sample clip, visit 

The audio interviews play on 29,000 audio-equipped American Airlines
worldwide flights reaching approximately 4.2 million travelers per
month. To hear recent audio interviews, click on

Your participation includes:

1. Production/placement of 2 minute interview to air worldwide
throughout September 2009  on 29,000 American Airlines flights reaching
4.2 million.
2. Program listing in American's American Way in-flight publication (694,000
monthly copies).
3. Production/placement of a 15-second commercial to air once daily
Monday and Wednesday during prime time 5-8pm on the CNN
Airport Network for 4 consecutive weeks airing 8 times monthly in 44 markets nationwide.
4. Production of CNN commercial includes using still photos, logos,
graphics and voice over talent and any existing b-roll footage you may
5. Rebroadcast on  with hotlink to your website for
one year.
6. Re-usage rights for promotional purposes.
7. Right to use "As heard on... " logos for airing on your site.
8. All production including scripting, recording, editing, mastering and
delivery (FAQs:

9. Introductory special rate $3,995

Space is limited.  Please call or email me if you're interested in being
in front of this audience or have any questions. Please let me know if this is something
you want to do by next Monday May 18th at noon PST.

Here are some sample video clips to see production quality:


Tricia Chi
Sky Radio Network
<address, phone and email redacted>